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Taff Optical Pickups at NAMM

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSMost instruments get amplified using either Microphones, pickups, or Piezo sensors. But Taff has been introducing a new way to amplify the sound – through optics. Host Sergio Michel talks with Taff Optical about their line of optical pickups at NAMM. What is an Optical Pickup? Using the instrument’s body to modulate a path of light, the Taff optical sensor will be a great way to give the fullness of their instruments through only one pickup. Constant volume, all without distortion. Taff Optical helps stringed instruments like the cello, upright bass, acoustic guitar, and many other acoustic instruments. More information at TaffOptical.com including release dates and prices.  

Silver Lake Reverb Pedal by Seymour Duncan

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSStopping at the Seymour Duncan booth for two reasons: to talk with Pantera Bassist Rex Brown, and to find out about a new pedal called Silver Lake Reverb. Host Sergio Michel talks with Riley Giffen about this new pedal What is Silver Lake Reverb? This is a digital reverb workstation, with stereo inputs, and MIDI control. With 8 types of reverb, you can move from a room sound, to a spring, gated, or hall sound with the turn of a dial. You can add dynamic expression to adjust the Mix, Mod, or Damp settings, depending on how you are playing. There are over 100 preset locations, MIDI switchable for song setup, and the ability to send in Stereo to your amps, or mixer. Sergio also inquired about the Solid State guitar amp heads. Riley talks about the PowerStage 700 wth stereo...