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Prynt Pocket Helps Print Out iPhone Photos with Augmented Reality

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSDigital photos are easy to store and care for, but not as easy to display. A printed photo can be put into a scrapbook, on a wall, or just given to friends. That is where Prynt comes in. With a thermal-based printer you can attach to your phone, you are able to take photos right away, with an added Augmented Reality bonus. The Prynt Pocket This is an adjustable iOS device that allows your iPhone 5 and better to connect and print out any photo on your phone. You can also import photos from other devices to have printed onto the Pocket. The Prynt Pocket adjusts to the phone so you can dock in. A small cartridge filled with the ink-free paper will create photos in Black and White and Color. Within 30 seconds, a print will be ready for you!...

HP PageWide 577 dw Printer Pros and Cons

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCan printers be sexy? Maybe not. But can Ink Jet printers be fast and very functional? You Bet! Let’s Geek Out at the Pros and Cons of this HP PageWide dw 577 Printer! PRO Keep in mind this is not a Laser Printer. It is an ink jet printer with a lot of technology advances from what you might associate an injet to be. PRO The PageWide disrupts the inkjet space. Other printers use an LED system that would move the printer head across the paper on 2 axis. PageWide does just that – a head that doesn’t move – the paper moves as the heads do a more competent job of laying down the ink. This makes the process faster and less ink smudge. PRO With great strides in HP Ink, the old water-based ink printer will smudge and bleed...


ChefJet – 3D Print Candy, Chocolate – SXSW 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt seems to be the geekiest thing to want to own a 3d printer. Not just any old printer, but one that you can really make useful things with. Like chocolate… While at a SXSW I checked out the ChefJet – a 3D printer that could make chocolate or sugar candies. I talked with Kyle on what it takes to create some 3D confections. The ChefJet can be loaded with two types of cartridges – a sugar/water combination and a chocolate cartridge. Once you find the design you are looking for, simply plot it in the printer and set it to go. Candies can be printed out relatively fast, depending on the complexity of the shape. But who wouldn’t want a chocolate shaped to their name or a candy bride/groom for their cake? The best part is the price of the...

Verbatim Store n Stay USB Drive Size of a Dime 0

Verbatim Store n Stay USB Drive Size of a Dime

I get many USB drives. Most of them get put to the side. Only a couple I end up taking with me. One in particular is the Verbatim Tuff N Tiny drives. It’s small and fits on my keychain. But I may trade up for this one. It’s called the Store n Stay. The drive is the size of a dime and the best part is it could stay in your computer. It can also be put into your car’s USB port and hold four to six albums. You can also plug it into a printer, the side of a TV or even a Roku player with your family pictures. “The low-profile, snag-free design makes it the optimal USB flash drive choice for laptop users who want the ability to transfer, store and share their favorite files on impulse,” said Mark Rogers, Verbatim Product Manager, Flash Memory. “It’s meant...

New Podcast Madness contest – Epson Artisan 810 0

New Podcast Madness contest – Epson Artisan 810

This month on Podcastmadness.com – we give you a chance to win the Artisan 810 all-in-one printer. This is a printer that connects via WiFi so you do not have to run a cable to the printer. I have been using the Artisan line for a while now and really utilize the scanner and the ability to print pictures and PDF’s. Just head over to Podcast Madness to get going. Listen to this week’s Podcast and the Day in Tech History to get your codes.

Close Encounters of a Vistarious Kind 0

Close Encounters of a Vistarious Kind

I had my first hands-on encounter with Windows Vista today. A friend asked me shoot the trouble between his Vista laptop and his HP F380 Deskjet printer. Man, am I glad I use Linux.