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Cabot: I Play with the Cajon Robot Drummer

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSCabot is making a MIDI device you can attach to your Cajon drum. The result – a robotic drummer for your solo gigs. A device that is fun to watch, along with fun to play with. I know – I played along with it at SXSW. How Cabot Works The Robot drummer is controlled via app on your iOS device or via PC using your favorite MIDI software. You can create the rhythms through the app, then send to the device to play. A pedalboard is available to start, stop, and transition the drummer for your need. Cabot is Crowdfunding Soon The prototypes are now set, Cabot will be launching their crowdfund very soon. To get on the list, simply Go to Cajon-Robot.com and choose “News” and “Subscribe”.

Meet Qoobo: A Headless Robotic Pillow Pet that Wags its Tail When you Cuddle it

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSDo you live alone in a place that doesn’t allow pets? Maybe you grew up with a cat or dog that cuddled up on your lap, wagged it’s tail, and fell asleep – and you miss that interaction. Well fear not, because Qoobo will help you with that. What is Qoobo Qoobo is an animatronic pillow that wags it’s tail when you give it attention. Whether from stroking or patting, Qoobo will react to your movement with it’s own. As Martine Paris talked with Shunsuke Aoki about this pet, we learned it was from Yukai Engineering – the same team that gave people “cat ears” that reacted to brain waves. This is a part in a long line of robotic dolls, hangers that interact, and other unique devices. How to Get Qoobo This is currently a project that you can pre-order...

MantaDroid Is A More Graceful Underwater Drone

We’ve all seen those underwater drones that are used for a variety of purposes. They all tend to look like nothing more than bullets. They do what they do and they don’t have to look pretty. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to put SOME thought into the design. Well, researchers from the National University of Singapore have created an underwater robot that actually looks neat. Even graceful in the water. It is designed to move and look like a manta ray, which helps it to blend in with its surroundings. The MantaDroid is designed for underwater surveillance and marine biodiversity studies. This drone won’t be as disturbing to the natives as it goes about its research.And that means that researchers get to see a more authentic picture of what goes on below the surface of the water. It measures 35 centimetres long by 63 centimetres wide and weighs just...

Lynx Video-Enabled Robot With Amazon Alexa

One day robots may well wipe us humans off the face of the Earth, but until then, we can enjoy being the masters. One of the latest slaves that we can make dance on our whim is UBTECH Robotics’ Lynx, a video-enabled humanoid robot that can be activated by carrying out a conversation with none other than Amazon Alexa. This voice-activated robotic companion uses both Amazon Alexa’s skills and UBTECH’s robotics to enrich your life. Features include a smartphone-connected Surveillance Mode, Avatar Mode, it can also dictate, listen to and send emails for you, place video calls over Wi-Fi, manage your calendar, give you alerts and much more. All while being cute and acting like your best buddy. The Surveillance Mode in the app will take a 30 second video if the PIR sensor on the chest is activated. This little robot is a great companion to have...

SPINX – The World’s First Toilet Cleaning Robot

There are few chores in life as nasty as cleaning the toilet. Even a clean looking toilet is nasty and teaming with all kinds of germs and bacteria. This is not a chore that anyone wants to be doing. Even if you wear gloves, the mere act of cleaning your toilet just leaves you feeling dirty. That’s why janitors are heroes. Anyway, now you can say goodbye to that old toilet brush. You will never have to clean the bowl or the seat again thanks to SPINX, the world’s first toilet cleaning robot. It works simple. A robotic arm with a rotating brush reaches down and cleans the toilet bowl, then SPINX’s water jets wash the seat and dry it with compressed air. The lid will hold up to 330 pounds and is gently closing. No matter how hard you try to force it, it closes gently and...

The Pepper Bot Now Works At The Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas

You wouldn’t be aware if you live in the United States, but robots really and truly are taking all of our jobs. The Japanese know it. Over there robots can be found everywhere interacting with people. This is lowly becoming the case in America too. For instance, the newest staff member at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas is a humanoid robot named Pepper. Pepper is now the hotel’s new Technical Ambassador. This job stealer stands four feet tall and greets guests in the Sky Lobby on the 23rd floor. He will do things like guess a guest’s gender, age and mood and even give them personalized interactions by picking up on facial cues, as well as body and voice cues. Basically, he is showing folks a good time and getting them comfortable with robots for when his siblings take over the world one day soon. Pepper will even...

Qoobo Robotic Cat Responds To Your Touch

Do you love the idea of owning a cat, but just haven’t made the commitment yet? Don’t worry, I’m sure you would be a good fur-parent. To make it easy for you and ease into pet ownership spend some time with ‘Qoobo‘. It is a soft robotic cat that is an alternative to a real one. This will gradually get you familiarized with having a cat. There are some great benefits too. No fur to clean up or get on your clothes, no litter box to clean, no scratching on furniture. This robotic companion is essentially a cat with just the body and the tail. Kinda looks like a pillow. It was revealed at this year’s CEATAC trade show in Japan. The tail even moves. Just put it on your lap, pet it and that tail will do its thing, responding to your touch. All of the comfort...

Sharp’s RoBoHon Robot Is Now More Affordable

All of the cool robots, like the rest of the coolest toys, are super expensive. Well, if you’ve been waiting for a price drop for Sharp’s cute robot phone, your wait is almost over. As of October 6th, you can get a RoBoHon for just 138,000 yen (about $1,230). That’s a 60,000 yen drop(or $530) from the original price. Sure, that’s still pricey, but we are talking about an honest to God robot here people. There is one small catch that you may or may not care about: It doesn’t come with cellular function. Aside from that, this WiFi-only RoBoHon is identical to its LTE counterpart. It still has the same Snapdragon 400 chipset, Android 5.0 OS, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, an 8-megapixel camera (with 720p video recording), a 720p pico projector in the head, a 1,700 mAh battery and a 2-inch QVGA touchscreen in back....

Honda’s E2-DR Disaster Response Robot Can Climb Ladders

Robots are learning new tricks all the time and for every trick they learn they become more useful. These tricks are especially useful when you’re talking about disaster response. The disaster response team of the future is going to be all robot. And what that robot is capable of could determine your life or death. Honda has unveiled a working prototype of its E2-DR disaster response robot and it is very capable already. It stands 1.68 meters high and weighs 85 kilograms. E2-DR can walk, navigate over objects, climb stairs and ladders, get through narrow spaces and traverse piles of debris like a bot on a mission, which it is. This robot can even stand being in the rain for 20 minutes. To keep it as lightweight as possible, Honda exchanged traditional cables for optical fibers. It also has a 1000-Wh lithium-ion battery that delivers 90 minutes of...

Anthouse Robot Pet Companion

Today humans are busier than ever. We don’t have time and energy for all of the things we used to be able to do. And our lifestyles are only getting busier. This means that your pets are missing out on quality time with you. It isn’t easy for the 21st century pet, but the Anthouse Robot Pet Companion is here to improve your pet’s life. The idea is that owners can “telesocialize” with their pet via an Internet connection. You miss your dog and your dog misses you, so this provides a way to connect and not leave your pet completely unattended. This robot is controlled with the accompanying app for iOS or Android and connects through your home WiFi network to let you see your pet in real-time. You can take photos, videos and communicate using the built-in speaker. Your pet will love that you are able...

Panasonic Transmits Data by Touch

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Android | RSSTrying the dual live stream today on Facebook and YouTube! For the most part it was successful, with a small audio glitch at the beginning. Glitch only happened for a few seconds, so I left it in the video part. Audio was cut. Panasonic created a device that can turn your body into a data transmission device. You can then send information to others, or to devices with a touch. We’ll look more at this. I also talk about week one of Bell’s Palsy – watch the First 48 Hours of Bell’s Palsy video I posted. Finally, the show will be off the next couple weeks as I am on travel. I show off the HP EliteBook x2: Morning Geeks! Episode 23 Show Notes – Hurricane Matthew – Stay safe out there! – New York Comic Con...

Whee Me Robot Gives Back Massage and Stays on Your Back – CES 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhile at CES 2013 I sat down with Cobi and Robin (lying down) to learn about the Whee Me massage robot. Cobi is with Dream bots – a company that is working in the robotics section. What is Whee Me? Whee Me is a massage robot that helps relax the back, buttocks and legs. Whee Me has the ability to work its way around the back without falling off. Once it detects  a certain slope it will reverse direction. Whee Me is being sold in Europe and is online in the US for $69. (www.wheeme.com)

Geek Smack! 204: Let’s Get Serious about Siri

Geek Smack! 204: Let’s Get Serious about Siri

Siri is Apple’s new smartphone assistant. People loved it, now their complaining, but for the wrong reason. Jeffrey talks what they should be concerned about

Thought Control

Thought Control

The Guardian reports that Honda has unveiled a robot that can be controlled by the thoughts of an operator wearing a special helmet. Read the full story and see a picture here. The control module, if that’s the right word, appears to be slightly larger that a large washing machine, not counting the area where the operator sits. I have no doubt that it will rapidly shrink into something more portable. An exerpt:

Modeled Citizens

Modeled Citizens

Developers in Japan designed a robot intended to serve as a fashion model. Apparently, it didn’t impress the audience. Read the full story, with illustrations, in the Guardian at this link. Here’s an excerpt: