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Octopus-Inspired Rubber Skin Could Be The Key To Shape-Shifting Robots

Octopuses are amazing creatures. They’re not only smart, they are survivors, able to camouflage themselves by changing colors and changing the texture of their skin to mimic the environment. For all of our advancement, humans can’t do that. Well, one day robots will be able to. That’s because a group of scientists from Cornell University in New York and the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts want to give soft robots the same ability. That’s why they created an artificial elastic skin that can morph into different shapes and textures. That’s right, one day robots will camouflage themselves and seal our doom. This material is based on the muscle underneath octopus skin that controls the animal’s dermal papillae. Those are the protrusions in the skin that pop up when it wants to blend into its surroundings. It has several layers, including a fiber mesh and the rubber skin. All...


Soloshot 2: Your New Robotic Cameraman – NAB 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAs a one-man crew, I am always looking for cool new ways to make my rig work for me. When I talked to the folks at Soloshot, I was intrigued on how they are using GPS and sensors to help the camera move to where you are. Perfect for if you have an unmanned camera. The Soloshot 2 is the newest in line of robotic devices which will move your camera. We were inside the building, which GPS has a hard time reading – therefore we couldn’t set up a camera to follow me around. However, Soloshot is coming out with an indoor sensor option which is perfect for people like me. Place a tracking device on the person and configure the camera. When they move, the camera moves. With multiple transmitters, you can have up to ten cameras following one...


Whee Me Robot Gives Back Massage and Stays on Your Back – CES 2013

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWhile at CES 2013 I sat down with Cobi and Robin (lying down) to learn about the Whee Me massage robot. Cobi is with Dream bots – a company that is working in the robotics section. What is Whee Me? Whee Me is a massage robot that helps relax the back, buttocks and legs. Whee Me has the ability to work its way around the back without falling off. Once it detects  a certain slope it will reverse direction. Whee Me is being sold in Europe and is online in the US for $69. (www.wheeme.com) [cessponsor]

In-Car Innovation with Toyota In Tune Multimedia 2

In-Car Innovation with Toyota In Tune Multimedia

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSToyota will be bringing applications like I Heart Radio, Pandora, Bing search, movie tickets and more. Toyota In-Tune is the name of the program. They are still in prototype, so check with your Toyota dealer for more information. The launch will show what Toyota USA will bring to market. Of course, Toyota has been around for a number of years, working in everything from cars, to robotics. Toyota also owns Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino Motors. These Sponsors made CES 2011 coverage possible your support of them is appreciated! Get your 14 day Free Trial of AudibleGold! GoDaddy services saves you money! New Customers Save 25% on Hosting at GoDaddy. Thanks to Luxor for sponsoring

Data Robotics Drobo 8 Bay with iSCSI Support and Beyond RAID Technologies – CES 2010 0

Data Robotics Drobo 8 Bay with iSCSI Support and Beyond RAID Technologies – CES 2010

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS I have salivated over Drobo for a few years now. RAID configuration on the desktop that is not a bulky rackspace is definitely something I geek out on. Therefore, when we saw Data Robotics Drobo, I had to go over and see what was new for this year. The first drive is the 4 drive Drobo has a USB or Firewire solution for $399. The Drobo S is 5 bay with eSATA and Single or Dual drive redundancy so it could be shared between two people. The 8 Bay Pro is for a single server solution. It has iSCSI and direct attachment in. However, the Elite is my favorite. It’s an iSCSI SAN with support up to 16 Servers. It’s a cost effective solution for $6,000 for any small business. Jeffrey Powers talks with Jim over this storage solution. Sponsor:  Get...

Driving Test 0

Driving Test

At Scientific Blogging, Kimberley Tyree, who field-tested Mars Rovers for NASA, describes what it’s like to drive one. Read it here. Making driving Spirit more difficult than the average rover is the fact that commands take up to twenty minutes to reach her, and as long again for the results of a drive command to be returned to Earth. (Can you imagine trying to free your 4-wheel drive on Earth with that restriction?!) Plus, due to satellite limitations, Spirit’s drivers can only communicate with her twice a day. While Spirit can be told to drive to a certain location, such as a given bearing and distance away, due to wheel slippage, obstacles or other factors, the rover may end up in a slightly different location than expected. If multi-step navigational commands are sent at one time, and the first step is off, the final result may be quite...

Thought Control 0

Thought Control

The Guardian reports that Honda has unveiled a robot that can be controlled by the thoughts of an operator wearing a special helmet. Read the full story and see a picture here. The control module, if that’s the right word, appears to be slightly larger that a large washing machine, not counting the area where the operator sits. I have no doubt that it will rapidly shrink into something more portable. An exerpt:

Modeled Citizens 0

Modeled Citizens

Developers in Japan designed a robot intended to serve as a fashion model. Apparently, it didn’t impress the audience. Read the full story, with illustrations, in the Guardian at this link. Here’s an excerpt: