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My New GM Segway – Bitstrips 0

My New GM Segway – Bitstrips

I got a Segway… and you didn’t…. Well, not really. But wouldn’t it be cool to have one of the new GM Segways proposed? You could really be tooling down the street, lookin cool, having everyone look at you. This Segway seems a little more feesable than the stand up model. Only problem is if you have to haul anything more than a briefcase and your are pretty much out of luck.  Not to mention if it starts to rain or snow. Still, to be able to tool around in a Segway would be cool . Hopefully it will be part of GM’s future. Then again, it could be a puff of smoke as a hardware version of Vaporware. Nonetheless, here is this weeks Bitstrips – My Segway.

Podcast Ep 81 – 4-08-09 – 31 Days of Blogging 0

Podcast Ep 81 – 4-08-09 – 31 Days of Blogging

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