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Installing Fedora in Virtual Box #4:  A Short Tour of Fedora 0

Installing Fedora in Virtual Box #4: A Short Tour of Fedora

Part one is here; part two is here; part three is here. I am not going to spend much time talking about the programs included with Fedora, it’s a fairly standard assortment. Instead, I will look at some of the workings of Fedora. I will note that, when I said in the third post of this series that an office suite is included, I goofed. It may be included in the DVD version–I had trouble finding a list–but was not in the CD version I installed. By default, Fedora comes with the Gnome desktop environment. Any other Linux desktop or window manager may be installed along side Gnome and used at any time. The Gnome menu resides on the top panel is divided into three parts and rests at the top of the screen, though it may be moved to the bottom or either side. This picture shows...

Tablet for Kitchens: AlessiTab 0

Tablet for Kitchens: AlessiTab

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAlessiTab is a tablet that actually is meant for the Kitchen. It’s unique design and gravitational center automatically acts as a stand in multiple variations. The AlessiTab sets on a charging pad so you can keep the device ready for use. Itallian design, running Android, the AlessiTab can hold all your favorite recipes, video on how to make favorite dishes or just to surf the internet. Use the tablet to remote control the TV or better yet, pull out the antenna and the AlessiTab also becomes a Digital TV receiver. Technical features: 10.1″ capacitive Touchscreen Display Auto-rotation with gravitational sensor Google Android v. 2.1 Operating System 1 GB internal memory Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connection DVB-T with antenna Integrated microphone and camera HD support with HDMI output USB Port / SD card Rechargeable battery Digital frame Widgets (news, weather forecasts, recipes, clock,...