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The Terminator Multimedia Speaker

Talking to Alexa using one of Amazon’s Echo speakers is cool. But not nearly as cool as talking to a T-800 Terminator speaker from the Terminator movies. This Terminator T-800 Speaker has Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant onboard. It has arrived from the future, not to kill us all, but to help. So now you can play your tunes and get Alexa’s help from the head of a cyborg. Will this give rise to Skynet and kill us all? I guess we are all about to find out. It is made by AC Worldwide and is a nicely detailed reproduction of the endoskeleton skull. Try not to be intimidated by having this thing on your desk. The skull comes mounted on a platform with a plaque bearing a message that you can customize. You can have it say, “I’ll be back!”, or whatever else you want. It stands 18...

Earin M-2 Wireless Earbud Headphones for iPhone, Android

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAs we move away from wired headsets, we look for devices that will not only deliver great sound, but also stay in our ears. Last year, Earin came on the scene with a wireless earbud and power capsule to go with your new iPhone 7 or Lenovo Moto Z (both devices without headphone jack). The folks at Earin came on the scene last year with their M-1 earbuds. Bluetooth earbuds with a charging case for up to 9 hours of listening pleasure. This year at CES 2017 Bluetooth Conference, Earin shows off the new M-2 earbuds. These headphones now include a microphone technology so you can take calls, talk to Siri or Android Assistant, or record audio for podcasts or voice messages. The microphone drivers include a proprietary noise removal algorithm technology so you can have a phone conversation in a...

Rosewill SP 7260 Computer Speakers for Movies, Music, Gaming

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIf you are looking for a sub-$100 set of stereo speakers for gaming, movies, or music, the Rosewill SP-7260 speakers will fit the job. These 60 Watt speakers have a range of 60 Hz – 20 kHz to capture a full range of sound. I tested these speakers in multiple capacities – as the replacement speakers at the TV and in the studio for music and podcasting. My results were a decent 4 ohm speaker for your listening needs. One issue I found with the speaker was the “wood case”. Inside I saw press board, over an oak board they had in the graphic. While pressboard does also give a fuller sound over plastic casing, I was a little disappointing over this feature that Rosewill mentioned. Another issue was the 6 foot 4-pin cable used to patch speakers together. While it...

Supertooth Disco Bluetooth Speakerbar 3

Supertooth Disco Bluetooth Speakerbar

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSRemember those boom boxes of the 80’s? Big and bulky, with a radio and tape player. Now, we have smaller devices and thousands of songs on MP3. But our smaller devices really don’t sound better than the big bulky boomboxes. Not anymore. The Supertooth Disco lets you play from your iPod, iPad or iPhone with a speaker system that is portable and easy to hold. The Supertooth Disco is a Bluetooth device that can be charged up, so you have no wires when you use it. If you don’t have Bluetooth on your device, you can connect via a stereo headphones jack. The Disco has a 28 Watt speaker system with 12 Watt Subwoofer. The Disco also has a Ni MH power pack, with standby time of up to 500 hours and up to 4 hours play time at full volume. Get the...

Video – Properly Recycle a Computer Case 0

Video – Properly Recycle a Computer Case

In this episode, we show you how to properly dismantle a computer case for recycling purposes.