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What is #GeekOut ? What is a Hashtag? In this world of Twitter, Facebook and Google+, hashtags are used to give your voice some clarity. For instance, if I was talking about basket weaving, I would use #BasketWeaving for a hashtag. When someone is searching, those keywords could lead them to you, and ultimately, a friend in basket weaving. I have been thinking of many different hashtags that I could use to promote myself. In the last 7 years, I adopted two tag lines – For the Geek in all of us, and Geek Out! The first one – #ForTheGeekInAllOfUs – seemed a bit too long. #GeekOut on the other hand seemed to be to the point and really summed me up in two words. Therefore, #GeekOut was chosen. Do you Have the Rights to #GeekOut? No, nor does anyone else. It’s a tag only. However, its use...

IE, Mozilla, Safari or Opera 3

IE, Mozilla, Safari or Opera

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWeb browsers are just as debated as Operating Systems and Political affiliations. The Web Browser is the program that allows you to browse the web, so you want the best experience possible. And Just like Operating Systems you can also choose the web browser that you use. So which one is it? IE or Firefox. Maybe Safari? Maybe even Opera?

Tag Clouds – Are they any good? 0

Tag Clouds – Are they any good?

Politics, Life, News, Music, Family, Religion, Personal, Random, Photography, Art, Culture, Thoughts, Food, Poetry, Travel. These are the top “Tag Cloud” items on WordPress. People use Tag Clouds as a quick reference and a way to find new information. Tag Clouds have not been around that long, although a crude  form can be traced back to 1995. Flickr started using clouds, and the idea grew. Now, Tag Clouds are found on many websites.