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Watch This Room Fill With Foam To Test Foam Fire Suppression System

It’s a classic sitcom bit of comedy. Usually someone fills the washing machine or dishwasher with way too much soap and the room becomes to fill with foamy soap suds. No matter how stupid the show, it’s always a fun bit to watch. That’s kinda like what this is, except on a much larger scale and with foam. Safety personnel at the Fort Indiantown Gap Army Reserve base in Pennsylvania need to make sure that the foam fire suppression system actually works before they bringing any planes into its new helicopter maintenance training facility. Financially, it’s important. So how do you do that? You just let the system do its thing and fill a giant room with foam and try not to yell, “LUCY!” It is a cool test of the emergency equipment. This foam is normally used where there are highly flammable liquids, since it helps to...

Taking the Gillette Sensor 3 Challenge by Shaving my Head

Gillette asked me to try out the Sensor 3 disposable razor They wanted to show me how this 3 blade disposable is better than a 2 blade razor. With the proglide strip, I can do a dry shave without nicks, cuts or razor rash. The Sensor 3 is great for travel. I like to keep a small grooming kit in my car just in case, and it will contain the Sensor 3. The best part about the razor is the cleaning ability. With a few swipes in the glass of water, I was able to clean the blades so I can continue on shaving. During this shave I covered my face and head. Since the video was created, I used this razor for another 2 weeks. That is shaving both face (6 times a week) and head (3 times a week). Get the Gillette Sensor 3 and try...

360fly Review Right From the 360 Video Camera

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI’ve been having an awesome time with figuring out 360 video. That is why I decided to create this review in 360 video view. Now if you are watching this from my podcast channels, you might be seeing this crunched down. To view it in the intended version, you either will have to download 360 viewing software or go to Youtube.com/geekazine and watch it there. The hardware I am using is 360fly. This is a 360 half-spherical camera. What does that mean? Well even though you get a 360 degree view in the middle, either the top or the bottom does not get recorded because there is no optics on one side. The top or bottom recording is all dependant on how you set up the camera. I have the 360 fly set up to point down. This makes it a...

Ramblings 6-28-09 – Where’d the Week Go? 0

Ramblings 6-28-09 – Where’d the Week Go?

Busy Week Thanks for coming to the site. We had another great week – busy week. It was a lot of fun and really productive. Post – HPTF Of course, we went to Vegas the week before to cover the HP Technology Forum Expo. Andy McCaskey, Kara Karsten and myself were working hard with interviews, product reviews and more. This week was planning to get some of the videos out to you. So far, we’ve posted the HP POD video on Friday and have a lot more coming soon. Summer of Podcasts – Podcast Carnivale This is what really took up the majority of the week. The last month I have been working hard in getting prizes together. Now it’s time to put a contest together. That is where the Summer of Podcasts comes in. Each week, Podcasters will be giving out codewords during their shows. We will...

The 10 Commandments of iPhone – Bitstrips 0

The 10 Commandments of iPhone – Bitstrips

Commandment #1 – Thou shalt maketh thine iPhone App compatible doth 3.0 versions…. OK, it does make sense – If you make an iPhone app or if you want to keep the iPhone app in the store, you must update it for the new version of the software. For some, it may not need any real updates – just someone to test and say; “Yeah, it’s 3.0 compatible.” It does get frustrating when you look through something like Firefox plugins and see an add-on that hasn’t been updated in a very long while. Even the plugins for this site: sometimes you have to watch what you install, or else you might just break the system. Therefore, we submit this: These 1 Bitstrips for you all to obey… or at least get a chuckle out of.

QuickCast – Interview with Matt Dworkin of Geek Squad

QuickCast – Interview with Matt Dworkin of Geek Squad

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSToday we talk with Matt Dworkin, a Double agent for Geek Squad in the DC area. We talk about what it’s like to be a part of the Geek Squad. We are also giving away 2 $25 gift cards to Best Buy. All you have to do is comment below. On Oct 15th, we will draw 2 names for the gift cards. Need not be present to win. Brought to you by CareerSaver – Download Free Certification Tests.

BYOC – Personal Computer As a Corporate Machine? 0

BYOC – Personal Computer As a Corporate Machine?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAs a consultant, I use my own equipment all the time. When I get to a specific client, sometimes I am asked to sign a waiver that states I will not take company data. I sign it because I am not going to ruin any relationship by walking out with secrets or customer lists. Data nowadays can be controlled. We at the Quickcast have talked about how that can happen many a time. However, the most important thing in a work environment is to make sure the data stays within the company – even after a person has left. Citrix Systems has given  Employees a bonus payment to buy their own laptop for corporate use. While it does give advantage, could the company lose control of the data? Brought to you by CareerSaver – Download Free Certification Tests.

Can Technology help Stabilize us Financially? 0

Can Technology help Stabilize us Financially?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAudio Podcast Brought to you by CareerSaver.com – Download FREE Practice Tests. Use Code Geek08 for discounts. The Economy is in Danger. Banks and Institutions are in a financial pickle. With the fall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because of bad business decisions and a Blind eye to investors building more homes than Americans need, financial institutions could collapse upon themselves. To protect their money, they could make it harder for Businesses to get loans.

Get Certified 8-05-08 – Exchange Server 0

Get Certified 8-05-08 – Exchange Server

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThis week we ask 5 questions that would be found on a Exchange Server Certification test. Brought to you by CareerSaver.com – 25% off Training materials if you use code “Geekazine”. 1-877-654-2265

Product Reviews 1

Product Reviews

Product Review Policy: Geekazine loves to review all items. We do a complete test of a product and also poll information from others to give the best review possible. Reviews will be given without bias. The review can take up to 14 days or more before a post is created as the item is tested in multiple aspects for a good understanding of the product. Paid Product Reviews: From time to time, Geekazine is paid to review a product. Geekazine will also get loaners, “Lifetime lease” product or “Free product” for the review. This does not sway any opinion on a product review. All opinions are that of Geekazine.com Right Not to Release Geekazine reserves the right to not release a product review for products that: Have been known to harm consumers Promote any gaming, tobacco, or adult site or content The product has been discontinued prematurely Geekazine will...

Get Certified 7-29-08 – Active Directory 0

Get Certified 7-29-08 – Active Directory

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThis week we ask 5 questions that would be found on a Active Directory Certification test. Brought to you by CareerSaver.com – 25% off Training materials if you use code “Geekazine”. 1-877-654-2265

Fakes on the Internet 1

Fakes on the Internet

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Fakes. Throughout time we’ve had to deal with those who want to pass something off as an original. Sometimes we are not fooled. Other times we go years thinking that it’s the real thing until some new technology tells us different. In the last week I’ve seen many fake photos of different items – most notably the Large GPS picture and Windows 7 screenshots. There is even a video out there that supposedly displays Windows 7 functionality. While impressive, it makes me wonder if someone is trying to pass these off to make a quick buck?

Do We Need Comcast to Cap Bandwidth Usage? 0

Do We Need Comcast to Cap Bandwidth Usage?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt would be interesting to see how much bandwidth I go through a month. Uploading shows, ustream channel, downloading software updates and media content.  All of it legally. There are some that decide to use their internet connection without abandon. They download movies, music and computer programs without legally paying for it. I have seen many downloading 4 to 5 items at a time, which at gigabytes at a pop, it’s a lot of data that passes through. And with programs like bittorrent, not only does it download the items, but it turns your computer into a “Seed” in which others can use to pull from. Comcast is working on a model to cap bandwidth per month. For some it won’t be noticeable. For the internet Zealot, they might find it tougher to work and...


Geekazine Weekly Podcast #6 11-07-07

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSEposode #6 – Length 38:16 [email protected] – 608-807-4379 Android Domination? – eWeek Facebooks’ New Ad System – Wired Microsoft’s First Test of Online – Offline Sync System – ZDNet WSJ.com Hits 1 Million Subscribers – CNet On the Geek: (www.geek.com) Windows Home Server Available Lenovo Will Discontinue IBM Name on Machines by Olympics Blackberry Software to Become Smaller and Cost Friendly USB Mobile Chargers TIME Votes iPhone Invention of the Year PC’s loosing Relevance in Japan – Yahoo Skype doesn’t work on Leopard? – eWeek Mac OSX Trojan – macnn PDF Spam back? – Network World Apple Tablet PC – CNet



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