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Cujo Smart Firewall is the Internet Dog that Protects Your Internet’s Front Door

Some of us have the cable company set up our Internet, which we assume as safe. Maybe you also get a Wifi router, which you think you add even more security to your system. But these devices don’t deal as much with security – only to get you online. you need something that will tell you what is coming into your Internet home and even block the bad. That is where Cujo comes in. The more you have connected to your “Smart Home”, the more a device is needed so others cannot use this door to come in. All you need to do is click a link in an email that looks official. Or maybe you get a new device that you instantly connect to your network, and put all your passwords in, thinking it’s safe. Next thing you know, your computers,smart thermostat, lights,smart TV, and many other...

Sense ThermoPeanut Smart Wireless Thermometer

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAs we get into the colder months, we make the plans to weatherize and even smart-plan our home. Maybe we got an IoT based thermometer. I just personally bought an Infra-red heat fireplace because this house doesn’t have a fireplace and I miss it. But as we try to keep our homes energy efficiant and warm, we still are looking for the advantage. Maybe the kids say their room is colder than yours at night. Without putting a thermostat in every room, we can only guess if that’s true. Now we can put a thermostat in every room to take the guess out. Last year the folks at Sense came out with the Sense ThermoPeanut. A Bluetooth enabled device that can be placed anywhere and bring back temperature data. SensePeanut data can be sent to any iOS or Android device to...


Nest Smoke Alarm Demonstration – SXSW 2014

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI stopped by the Nest tent at SXSW to see the nest thermostat and smoke alarm in action. Nest makes home automation devices which can be controlled via smarphone or by hand. The Nest thermostat can help you adjust your heat or air, while the smoke alarm can detect smoke or carbon dioxide. The Nest fire truck was on hand to give the smoke demonstration. Notice how unnoticeable the smoke is when the alarm goes off. I have done this many times – I cook something which trips the alarm. When I move out of the kitchen, I finally notice the smoke that is actually in the room. The demonstration also showed me how to test the batteries and make sure the smoke alarm is functioning without having to get on a step-stool to do it. The batteries can keep your...

Nexia Home Intelligence: Full Home Automation from Schlage – CES 2012 1

Nexia Home Intelligence: Full Home Automation from Schlage – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSScott talks with Ann Mathias, Brand director for Schlage. They are introducing a new product: Nexia Home Intelligence. Schlage will be bringing in companies like Pella and Trane to bring new features in home automation. Using C-Wave technology, they can turn on lights, open shades,  and more. A great example – You are away on a business trip. You forgot to turn down the thermostat. Using the interface, you can easily do that. You can also set automation to look like you are home. Also, if your neighbor comes over because they see something wrong in your house, they can call you to unlock the door. You go to the interface, and unlock the front door for the neighbor. When they are done, just lock your house back up. Perfect item for those of us who double check things when we leave. The more smart items in...

Allure Energy: Thermostats with Proximity Energy Management – CES 2012 0

Allure Energy: Thermostats with Proximity Energy Management – CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSAllure Energy’s patented Proximity Energy Management system is the advanced solution to energy management with today’s active and somewhat unpredictable lifestyle. Older internet enabled thermostat systems allowed changing settings from smartphone apps – but the user still had to remember to manually intervene. Allure Energy’s system does the resets automatically, based on the reported position of the smartphone from GPS information to the system. Thus, the home is always at the proper temperature when occupants are away,but when they leave or return throughout the day, the energy is automatically adjusted for maximum energy efficiency. Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network. [cessponsor]

Nest: Thermostat that Learns Habits – #CES Unveiled 0

Nest: Thermostat that Learns Habits – #CES Unveiled

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSNest is the thermostat that learns your habits. When you turn up the temperature, when you turn down the dial. As you continue to use, nest will start to adapt and do the work for you. Best part it can conserve energy. Kate talks a bit about nest – “You literally use it like a manual thermostat” Kate says. ” There are four ways that it learns. Scheduling, something called nest leaf – it learns what temperature you like and gives you a leaf to reward you. It also has auto-away so it has a sensor in there and it learns when you are not home, so it turns it down.” nest also has an energy history to let you know how much you have used, so you can be more conscious of how you control your thermostat. The nest thermostat costs $249. There is a back...

CES 2017 0

CES 2017

Podcast: EmbedReady for CES 2017? I’ll be out there capturing the tech interviews. As the event continues, you can see the links here.   Photo compilation below:

Innovation Award Winner GreenWave Reality with Smart Home Services – #CES 2012 0

Innovation Award Winner GreenWave Reality with Smart Home Services – #CES 2012

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOne CES 2012 Innovation award honoree is GreenWave Reality. They create energy management solutions for a smarter home. From smart plugs, to LED lights and the ability to control from multiple sources. While at CES, Todd Cochrane got a chance to interview Greg Memo from GreenWave Reality, a global innovator in the emerging smart home services market including home monitoring and elderly care. On show is their home energy management solution that uses wireless (ZigBee) plug-in devices to monitor and control power consumption. The system is not just limited to power management as other remote monitoring and control technologies such as lighting and video can be included. The complementary iPad app allows the homeowner to select individual rooms within the property and make adjustments if necessary – for example, a thermostat could be turned down or the timings changed to alter...