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The 10 Commandments of iPhone – Bitstrips 0

The 10 Commandments of iPhone – Bitstrips

Commandment #1 – Thou shalt maketh thine iPhone App compatible doth 3.0 versions…. OK, it does make sense – If you make an iPhone app or if you want to keep the iPhone app in the store, you must update it for the new version of the software. For some, it may not need any real updates – just someone to test and say; “Yeah, it’s 3.0 compatible.” It does get frustrating when you look through something like Firefox plugins and see an add-on that hasn’t been updated in a very long while. Even the plugins for this site: sometimes you have to watch what you install, or else you might just break the system. Therefore, we submit this: These 1 Bitstrips for you all to obey… or at least get a chuckle out of.

Major Website Updates – Bitstrips 0

Major Website Updates – Bitstrips

OK. It’s 4:51 AM and I am still up in front of the computer. I spent a lot of time on the site today doing major fixes and finishing the move of all the media. At 4 AM this morning, I completed the task. All 153 Podcasts are now on a new server. You should be able to get to any of the content over the last year. Since I was up, I decided to commemerate with a Bitstrip. I call it an esoteric look at re-coding. Now I am going to sleep. Good night. ZZZZZ……….

Love or Hate the iPhone – Where Do You Stand? 1

Love or Hate the iPhone – Where Do You Stand?

It’s been a year and a few months since the first iPhone was sold. Since the release of the 3G model, I’ve been seeing people with iPhones I would have never expected have one. The iPhone has brought up a new way to use the internet, the phone and a computer. Apple is under a lot of scrutiny: AT&T being the sole carrier, the Apps store program take downs and the 3G services being poor. Yet the iPhone still is the 2nd best selling phone behind the Motorola RAZR. Apple itself is set to continue through these tough times. There has been a lot of good and bad said about the iPhone. I have seen a lot of Forum posts, even more twitters and more. I decided to go ahead and ask a small group of people over at Help A Reporter what their thoughts were. I asked...

The Computers in My Life 1

The Computers in My Life

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt was a Commodore Vic 20. We were up North at our Grandma’s house for Christmas in 1981. Our cousins had a Vic20 and we played some cool games. When we got home at the end of the week, we opened our presents and low and behold, we had a Vic 20. I swear I got up early every day of Winter break to play on this new machine. I did have to fight for use with the rest of my family, but I think I got some good time on it.

Twitter needs to fix, or Close Shop (sorta). 0

Twitter needs to fix, or Close Shop (sorta).

People are reporting errors when they update.  Updates appear to vanish on the web (requires a page reload) and clients like Twitterrific & Twirl aren’t able to update at all. We’re working on a fix and intend to deploy it today. Update (9:42a): One of our slave databases went down 10 minutes ago.  We have to put the site into maintenance mode while we bring it back up. Thanks for your patience. This is the same issue we see and hear again and again. While it’s understandable that a website can have errors, a “slave database” should not be the one thing that takes the whole system down. They say “We are working on problems”, but do we see results?

Do We Need Comcast to Cap Bandwidth Usage? 0

Do We Need Comcast to Cap Bandwidth Usage?

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt would be interesting to see how much bandwidth I go through a month. Uploading shows, ustream channel, downloading software updates and media content.  All of it legally. There are some that decide to use their internet connection without abandon. They download movies, music and computer programs without legally paying for it. I have seen many downloading 4 to 5 items at a time, which at gigabytes at a pop, it’s a lot of data that passes through. And with programs like bittorrent, not only does it download the items, but it turns your computer into a “Seed” in which others can use to pull from. Comcast is working on a model to cap bandwidth per month. For some it won’t be noticeable. For the internet Zealot, they might find it tougher to work and...

Website Update – WordPress 2.5 0

Website Update – WordPress 2.5

Wednesday evening, I made the switch over to WordPress 2.5. It was a fairly painless process and only took about an hour to update. Here is the process I went through (which I recommend if you plan to update your WP site soon) 1. Backed up my whole site. 2. Backed up the Database

IE, Mozilla, Safari or Opera 3

IE, Mozilla, Safari or Opera

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWeb browsers are just as debated as Operating Systems and Political affiliations. The Web Browser is the program that allows you to browse the web, so you want the best experience possible. And Just like Operating Systems you can also choose the web browser that you use. So which one is it? IE or Firefox. Maybe Safari? Maybe even Opera?

Customer Service – How Social Networking makes the job that much harder. 0

Customer Service – How Social Networking makes the job that much harder.

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS*Updated 03-13 -08. See Below Snafu.  Freedictionary.com defines it as “A chaotic or confused situation”. The word SNAFU is an acronym, in which most of it I cannot decode here, so I’ll fudge it a bit. Situation Normal All Fouled Up. If you were to go through a snafu a few years ago with a company, you would most likely grumble to your friends and family and then move on – Little impact on that. However, in this day and age, a Snafu can really come back to hurt. With Social Networking rising 47 percent year to year (according to Nielsen Netratings), this can really give companies a tough time if problems arise. But still, can social networking cause a company hardship because of a single or series of transactions?


Geekazine Weekly Podcast #5 10-31-07

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Show #5 Notes – 10/31/07 Apple Leopard News: 2 Million Copies Sold – MacDailyNews Adobe Apps on Leopard: What You Need to Know – John Nack on Adobe Blog Mac BSOD? – CNet Holes in Max OS – builder.au Hack to run Leopard on a PC – Information Week On the Geek: Seagate Offers 5% refunds on Storage Products – Geek.com NEC SX-9 Fastest Computer Ever? – Geek.com Hitachi Bringing Ultri-Thin LCD HDTVs – Geek.com Samsung 30nm 128 GB Memory Cards – Geek.com Cool Geek Stuff: Computer Repair Utility Kit – Technibble More News:


10-17-07 #3

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Show #3 Notes – 10/17/07 [email protected]: Length: 55:47 Microsoft Patenting the iPhone? Microsoft Phone Software iPhone Unlock 1.1.1 Zune for $100 Leopard Release October 26th YouTube Antipiracy Tool Oracle Buyout? Facebook – 13 Reasons Your Account Will Get Disabled HD-DVD outsells Blu-Ray – 4 – to – 1 Panasonic says Blu-Ray will be Victorious by New Years Porno Filters broken Access Hard Drive while Computer is turned off Internet Pioneer Sacked? Zeppelin Albums Go Online 10 Dumb Million Dollar Ideas Trying to catch filesharers more costly than worth? Microsoft Updating your files at will? Internet II – Electric Boogaloo HowStuffworks Acquired By Discovery for $250M -HowStuffWorks.com AOL Cuts 2000 Jobs Anti-snoring Pillow? Tiny Linux PC 10 year Watch WINAMP Update Alert: Ubuntu ‘Gutsy Gibbon’ on Thursday Oracle will push out 51 Patches KDE 3.5.8 VersionTracker Links To Note: Halloween Gadgets Computers are...