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Live Stream at VMWorld with vBrownBag in Barcelona

All this week I will be in Barcelona, Spain with vBrownBag Tech Talks at VMWorld 2017. We had a great show in Vegas, and I am expecting Barcelona to be just as exciting. vBrownBag is an education channel for Enterprise technology. A place for engineers, influencers, and everyday people to get up and present on a topic they are passionate about. These quick-fire presentations will be available on YouTube shortly after production. Streaming will start Tuesday Morning at 11 AM GMT+2 (aka 4 AM EST, 1 AM PST), Wednesday starting at 11 AM, and Thursday from 8 AM.

HP Announcements from VMWorld 2015 San Francisco

This week I have been asked to live-stream from the HP booth at VMWorld. New announcements from HP regarding virtualization, thin clients, storage, and more. Virtualization is a key component in today’s workforce. From being able to access everything you need via the Internet ( mainly a corporate cloud), to giving you a machine that will protect the corporate data if stolen or poached. Even being able to deliver large amounts of data without having to restart because one small piece got lost. Streaming from the HP booth started on Monday, but the main streaming will happen this Tuesday at 2 PM PST (5 PM EST). 15 minute sessions from each area of HP will commence. You can watch it all here on Geekazine below. Feel free to watch the sessions already recorded.

HP TechCast 5: From VMWorld

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSThis episode of HP TechCast comes from VMWorld 2012. Calvin Zito and I sit down to talk virtualization, cloud computing and more. Joining us are: Brent Sullivan (VMWare liason to HP) Brent Allen (HP) Janice Owens (Emulex) Gagan Bhatia (HP) Jacob Van Ewyk (HP)

Acer: AC100 Small Business Server with Four Bays

This is a perfect device for a small business or a company that has a remote office. The AC100 is a four-bay drive server that allows you to backup computer, hold and transfer data, or do other tasks you may need around the office. The server is Energy Star efficient, and can have Windows, Linux or another server loaded on the AC100. It can come preconfigured in RAID 0,1,5 models. I talked with Michael from Acer at VMWorld 2012 about this server.  

Kingston Technologies: SSDNow E100 Enterprise Class SSD, Memory

Kingston was at VMWorld 2012 talking about their SSDNow E100 line of Solid State Drives (SSD). The race for SSD is on, especially in a virtual environment. Being able to rely on SSD drives as they switch from one virtual project to another can be crucial. I talk with Mike from Kingston about these technologies. We talk about the speed and savings an Enterprise SSD solution could have. For instance, it could increase database performance by 91%. SSDNow is available in 100GB, 200GB and 400GB increments. In a 24 blade system, that could give you over 4.5 Terabytes of data.

VMWorld 2012: LSI Technologies Using Flash Drives as Cache

While at VMWorld, I talk with Tony from LSI. We talk about their new technology that uses flash drives to create a cache in MySQL databases. When databases get taxed, the software will use the flash drive to cache data so the database does not slow down. The dynamic operation will make the move seemless. Although you have a cached version, you are still technically working on the main database to keep validity. When done, the cache with dump and the next bit of data will get queued. This is a write-through model.