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Midwest Gaming Classic pt 1: Wandcrafters 0

Midwest Gaming Classic pt 1: Wandcrafters

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Midwest Gaming Classic While down at the Midwest Gaming Classic, I started on the vendor floor to see all the cool items you can purchase. Video games, Pinball machines, parts for machines, game consoles and more. Old consoles, game swag and more. I ran into Carol, from Wandcrafters. They make wizard’s wands. Using a lathe, Carol has expanded the process to keychains, magnifying glasses and more. They even had some pens made from cell phone boards. Wandcrafters has also created wands out of antlers that were shed. She sticks mostly to wood for her designs. This is the 10th anniversary for the Midwest Gaming Classic.    

Firestarter Firewall for Linux–First Run 1

Firestarter Firewall for Linux–First Run

This is the first of two posts on the Firestarter firewall for Linux. See the note at the end of this post for information about getting Firestarter. Firestarter is the easiest Linux firewall front-end I’ve found. I’ve used it off-and-on since I loaded my first Linux box almost six years ago. Unlike many Windows firewall programs I’ve used, it doesn’t nag; doesn’t display useless messages; and, being free and open source, doesn’t ask for money for upgrades. It just sits there and works. I use the term “front-end” because firewall capability is built directly into the Linux kernel; it’s called “iptables.” Linux “firewall” programs do not run the firewall. Instead, they configure the already-existing capability, including setting it to start automatically; the kernel actually “runs” the firewall. When you first run Firestarter, a wizard starts. After a welcome screen, it asks you to select your network connection (generally,...