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Geekazine Podcast Ep 77 – 3-11-09 – We’ve Been Duped By Yahoo! 1

Geekazine Podcast Ep 77 – 3-11-09 – We’ve Been Duped By Yahoo!

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Quick In The Night – We Upgraded 0

Quick In The Night – We Upgraded

You might not have seen any difference, but over the wee hours of the night, Geekazine and Dorkazine went through an upgrade process. We upgraded the backend to WP 2.7.1. After testing, I only found 1 bug which I was able to squash really quick. Please let me know if you see anything acting strange. The moves are not over – we still have another major update to do. For now, though – one step at a time, right?

Woopra – There it is. 0

Woopra – There it is.

In the last week I have been playing with this new program I saw last week on Cali Lewis’ Geekbrief.tv . I loaded up the program and tried it out.So far I’ve been somewhat impressed with it’s features. Woopra is a web site statistical analysis program. It gives you real time information as well as a timeline of who has been to your site, what pages they were looking at and how long they were there. You can put the code on more than one site and have all the data collected in one API.

Update to WordPress 2.6 0

Update to WordPress 2.6

We did a small update here tonight. I ran through all the plugins and updated them and then updated to WordPress 2.6. I am going to check through the site, but if you see anything odd, please go to the contact page and let me know. If the contact page is not working, please let me know via the email (geekazine at the gmail dot com). Thanks. Jeffrey Powers www.geekazine.com [poll=14]

Your New Site Design 2

Your New Site Design

Last night I implemented the new design. It’s using the Gabfire template with some major tweaking on this end. It was a result from all the great feedback you guys gave over the last few months. I worked pretty dilligently over the last few weeks to get this page together. The most noticable difference is the load time. It was important to get the page to load faster. This new template is more organized and I’ve noticed the difference. There are still a few tweaks I need to work on but the general result is what I intended. I hope you like the new look. Feel free to comment on it – Good or Bad. Dorkazine will go through a similar redesign – for now it’s still on the old look.

Small Crisis Averted – iPod / Zune Giveaway status 0

Small Crisis Averted – iPod / Zune Giveaway status

Today I was working on the site and the delete button jumped up and bit me! OW! We had a small issue, and I had to restore the backup database. There were a couple tables that were restored from the weekly backup. There should be no data loss, but if you signed up for the site this week, you may have to do it again. Speaking of signups – Some have been asking about the iPod – Zune Contest info. According to the rules I set up (found on the Giveaway Rules Page) I will be choosing a winner today. I will email that user and they will have 7 days to respond. Once a winner is acknowledged, I will post the results. NEWay, thanks for being a part of the site and participating in the contest. I have taken your information to heart and will be using...

Webware 100 Winners – Who won, and what’s new. 0

Webware 100 Winners – Who won, and what’s new.

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSWeb Apps.  Can we live without them anymore? What did we ever do without them? Webware put out it’s top 100 and we’re going to go through them and see what was good, what was bad, and what was… well, you know.. Webware is a site dedicated to watching what is popping up out on the internet. Any application that a web developer puts out will be checked out and reported on by this organization. It’s a good thing, too. There are so many out there, it’s tough to keep up. On April 21st, Webware put out the list of the top 100 apps. There were ten categories, each with ten winners. There were 5000 nominees, and 300 apps were chosen as finalists. Over 1.9 million votes were cast to dwindle this list down to...

Website Update – WordPress 2.5 0

Website Update – WordPress 2.5

Wednesday evening, I made the switch over to WordPress 2.5. It was a fairly painless process and only took about an hour to update. Here is the process I went through (which I recommend if you plan to update your WP site soon) 1. Backed up my whole site. 2. Backed up the Database

WordPress 2.5 is out 0

WordPress 2.5 is out

 updated 7:45 CST Today WordPress had released the final version of 2.5. I have successfully installed it into my Sandbox and am playing with it aggressively. I will be adding information as I go, but here is what I had so far: First of all, for those who don’t know what a “Sandbox” is, this is an area I designated as a test area. In this case, I have a computer at my home in which I installed XAMPP (an acronym for Apache, MySQL, PHP and PERL – the X stands for the “Four”). The Sandbox is a great way to test new plugins, CSS code or anything. One thing to keep in mind in mantaining a Sandbox, though – make sure your Sandbox matches your websites credentials (example – if your Sandbox is running PHP 5 and your website runs on PHP 4, then the test area is pointless)....

Upgrading Existing site to 2.5 RC2 0

Upgrading Existing site to 2.5 RC2

Last week we did a clean install of 2.5 and all went smooth. Today we’ll run 2.5 on an existing database. The First thing I did was backed up the existing Database. Once that was accomplished, I proceeded to install 2.5 in a clean directory. Next week we’ll talk about installing plugins and widgets to get 2.5 back to where it was before.

WordPress 2.5 – Installation 0

WordPress 2.5 – Installation

So I took the challenge and downloaded the WordPress 2.5 RC1. I installed this in my sandbox and got aome awesome results. We’re going to take a focus on this – each week we will talk about the setup and how to integrate it into an existing WordPress blog. Part I – Installation.

Episode 19 2-06-08 0

Episode 19 2-06-08

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Yahoo, Google, Geekazine and OpenID. 0

Yahoo, Google, Geekazine and OpenID.

Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSIt’s a new day at Geekazine as today we implemented a new system called OpenID. On Jan 30th, Yahoo will also be implementing OpenID. There are many different sites out there with OpenID signatures. What is it and how is it going to affect your web browsing habits. OpenID is a new ideal to bring Web 2.0 sites together. When the pre-cursor to web 2.0 started, you had to create a profile on each blog or forum to participate in the site. This can mean many hassles – remembering passwords (especially since some sites wanted more characters than others, or had other special requirements), emails back and forth to get your password back, CAPTCHA, and most annoyingly, filling out all the forms just to set up a profile.

Episode #12 12-19-07 0

Episode #12 12-19-07

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Episode #10 12-05-07 0

Episode #10 12-05-07

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