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NewBlueFX Updated Titler Live Broadcast Adds XML/CSV Support

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSI got to talk with Adam at NewBlueFX at NAB to learn about the upcoming Titler Live Broadcast updates. This update will be coming in June 2017 and will add a lot to the program. Titler Live Broadcast is a program that adds overlays (lower 3rds, title cards, etc) to video. It can be done from the computer, or through another machine using SDI out, HDMI out, or NDI support. One new feature included After Effects import support. By directly importing, you are saving a few steps to get your creations to production. Another great new feature is XML/CSV import for 3rds and titles. With sports scoring and social feeds, you will be able to set up a list and bring that content in as you go. You can use the Titler Live Broadcast on many different hardware and software video...

Is iTunes Cleaning up Podcasts? the Official Letter 0

Is iTunes Cleaning up Podcasts? the Official Letter

Yesterday on the Podcast, I talked about an email I received from iTunes. The story is an old podcast I ran up until last year was still  up on their site. I took everything down to make it go away and the listing stayed up on the site. I continued to get 404 errors (page missing) from my site error page, so I put the XML back up. Finally on Monday I recieved the take down notice. It was really surprising since iTunes never really cleaned up the mess before. I had a few people ask me to post the letter, so here it is: Dear Podcast Owner

A look back to 1998 – Geek from 10 years ago. 0

A look back to 1998 – Geek from 10 years ago.

Ten years ago. What were we doing? Where were we going? I know I was working in a Call center on a popular accounting package that is now owned by Microsoft. I was living on the East Side of Madison, WI and I had just switched over from my 56k modem to a broadband connection (768 kbps, I believe) on my Pentium 75mHz machine. I also got my first Cell Phone. Let’s take a look back on where we were 10 years ago and see how that has changed….

Episode 21 2-20-08 0

Episode 21 2-20-08

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