Can Technology help Stabilize us Financially?


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The Economy is in Danger. Banks and Institutions are in a financial pickle. With the fall of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because of bad business decisions and a Blind eye to investors building more homes than Americans need, financial institutions could collapse upon themselves. To protect their money, they could make it harder for Businesses to get loans.

I am building a business in Geekazine. I have been working hard in putting together a Business Plan for investors. Now I might find myself in a position where I possibly cannot find the investors and loans simply because any proposition can become a risky one. The 700 billion of taxpayers’ money to bail out these companies that the is proposing is set to keep things going for a while, but we are far from an answer. So what could be that answer – Maybe Technology?

Ten Years ago yesterday, Ebay put their company up for Public offering. They started at $18 a share. Currently they are at $22 a share and they employ thousands. Google employs over 10 thousand. These are companies that show us you can take nothing and turn it into something.

Could you imagine what could have happened if these companies didn’t get their financial backing? What would have happened if or IBM didn’t get the funding to build their facilities? We wouldn’t be seeing 22 nm chips and 64 bit Operating Systems. held a conference in May and within, the National Federation of Enterprise Agencies stated the number of startups in 2008 is 50 thousand less than in 2007. They believe it will pick up toward the end, however with the threat of financial companies possibly making it harder to lend money, we may just see startups plateau for now. asked back in January if Technology can bring us out of a recession. They talked about Green Technology and upgrading . MIT researchers posted ideas from their faculty to help. They believe that Bioengineering, Fusion, and Sustainable Cities might help with the answer. This is all well and good, but are these items that can turn our current economy around?

Of course those articles came out a couple months before the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Wall Street was still in a stable position. So Now, we need to find ways to get Wall Street and Financial Institutions back on their feet. That is where technology comes in. What can technology do to contribute to bringing Wall Street back to stability?

In turning things around, though, we will have to keep an eagle eye on  those who will try to capitalize and throw us off track. Wrong thinkers and people willing to deceive the average American to make their own dollar. Crime does go up in times like these.

Wall Street & Technology has the best Headline though: Transform Intelligence into Action. Data is what drives us and Data is what can take us out of this. Trends in the Market, educated patterns and preemptive will turn things around. Programs that can better project and warn us if something like a Government funded housing project is going to turn on us.

I wish I could tell you what technology could turn the market around. I bet if the programming minds out on Wall Street got together, someone can come up with a usable device or . But if we can’t, you might want to stock up on rations.

Funny. We just shut down the Large Hadron Collider for a malfunction and reality is, we already have a big black hole sucking us in.

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