Holidays – The Gift that Keeps on Giving


It’s a special episode of the Quickcast. to all

It’s 8 am on Christmas Day. You wake up and anxiously await going downstairs to take in the spectacular view of the tree and all its gratuities. The kids are running around, the dog is at your feet. You just stand there with the first of the day wondering “Am I getting a tie or a sweater this year”.

But your family (and Santa) surprise you this year. They get you a 40″ flat screen TV and DVR. They get you an . They get you a new laptop or desktop . It’s a Techmas for you and for your whole family.

Yeah, the kids wanted a , or a this year. You were able to procure both before the market started to slide. For the Wife, you might have worked together a . Maybe a Smartphone for her, too. Could have even been a new car with many different tech features like GPS and hands free talk.

Then again, a lower key holiday always works. Gift certificates to your favorite places so you can get a new video camera or even some SD HC cards for the existing one. A always needs a new – after all, 10 megapixels can take up a lot of space.

Whatever the gift, you might just edge oh so closer into the technology realm. Being able to put your life can be scary, but also very exciting. Just as long as you keep the instruction manual close by, right? NAW! You don’t need THAT thing.

Of course, there are some that don’t have that type of holiday. They get by, so they give their loved ones what they can. Maybe someone in the house is going to get a new Xbox or computer, but otherwise the gifts are simple and on a budget. After all, 3 out of 5 people in this day and age are close to bankruptcy.

Holidays are not about expensive gifts or trying to outdo someone else. They are about being together with family and friends. They are about putting differences aside to join in a song or share a drink. It is a bit ironic that we use a religious holiday that not all religions see eye to eye on .

I always like to give gifts that inspire more than anything. This year my nieces got jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles are a good way to build skills in deduction, problem solving and sometimes – teamwork. Plus it’s always nice to get a big puzzle done and look at the finished art, knowing that you’ve done it.

Tomorrow, we are going to get back to our regular lives. No fighting in malls to get that hot toy of the season. No crossing off lists of names you haven’t seen in months but still need to find that tin of popcorn. The best part is you might get to show off that new iPhone or GPS system to your co-workers. Feel proud that you have a great new gadget that is part of the in-crowd.

Then again, a tie would’ve been nice….

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