Pirates of Silicon – A Song and Special Quickcast


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We have commemorated “Talk like a Pirate Day” in my other circles for the last few years now. It’s cool to see and hear mainstream picking it up. Ye all need to talk like a pirate e’ry now and then.

When I woke up this morning, I said “Yar! I need to write a Shanty”. So I did. Since my main Guitar is in the shop, I picked up the practice guitar and strummed out the song. A quick recording and mixing and Voila! A new song is born.

Here are the Lyrics if you want to sing along.

Keep in mind it’s a rough draft, but it’s not a bad recording for the time I did it in. So check it out.

Chorus: We are the – the of the Valley: We like to sing and drink and sail the net all day

We are the Pirates – the Pirates of the Valley: And if you see us we will blow your site away.

Ahoy to , he’s a strapping young Jack ya see.

He runs his ship a tight but with his Yo ho ho – hearties.

Collects the news in bits and let’s the crew a rank.

If they don’t like what they see, the news walk the plank.


Zukerberg’s a Mate you don’t want to cross swords with

He’s a Scurvey dog with a bite and knows how to throw a quip.

You see him with his Sprogs, loaded to the Gunwales (gunnels)

Sailin the seas on his ship “Facebook of peril”


is a strapping young Lass who raids the air all day

Reporting on the Buccaneers who collect the seas Booty

Yet a wench she’ll make ye walk the plank if ye take er gold

Swashbucklin with the Mateys and Landlubbers young and old


Fiddlers Heaven is the place where the Pirates go to rest

The Gentlemen of fortune they live their days on the breast

Watchin over the other sailors waiving the Jolly Roger sign

Singing and a drinking for all the rest of time.


and are the founding Buccaneers

They walked the walk and talked the talk for more than 20 years

They go on the account and tell the tales of sailing the Corsair

And send the others to Davy Jones Locker if they don’t adhere


is the hearty Jack who sails the Golden Seas

And helps the others find Pieces o’ eight to Drink the Grog and sing

Wi a Wannion of the tales and help he continues to sail

His Squadrons at sea he finds the Swag and gives it out in Bails


There are a lot of Mateys we cannot sing in turn

We raise our Pints and Go on the account of tales of yesteryear

A Yo ho ho we boast and sing to a bottle of Rum

we make them walk the plank take their Booty and run


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