Week in Tech History – 4-04-09 – Jobs, Woz and Wayne?


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I can see it now – Grampa sits jr on his knee and tells a story of how he was the third partner in the franchise. He then proceeds to tell his sons’ son that he decided it was too risky and pulls out of the company 11 days after it was founded. At the time he was concerned over Jobs and Wozniaks’ work ethic and felt the company would not last – let alone make any money. Guess he should’ve listened to Forrest Gump.

By the way, that person’s name is Ronald Wayne.

In other Tech History, we see the – Yahoo bid war heat up as not only Yahoo works deals with , but also tries to merge the internet operations with . In the meantime, Microsoft with NewsCorp to do a “Joint acquisition”. That, the first , the DNA database and a more on todays Quickcast

*This was recorded off the Blue Snowball Mic

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