Week in Tech History – 4-13-09 – Psystar Debuts


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Psystar came on the scene with a very interesting proposition: Get a PC with Mac . Can it be done?

Ever since the switch from to , Mac software has been attempted and successfully installed on PC’s with and . So the next step would be to have someone package it up, right?

Well, no. Apples’ End User License Agreement states that the OSX software can only be run on Mac approved hardware. Therefore, Psystar breeches the agreement.

Psystar still continued on. Only hours after the websites caught on about this company, the website went down. People started speculating more about this “Publicity stunt”. The company “PowerPay” ended their contract with Psystar because they were not honoring the Service Agreement.

Psystar said “That’s OK. We’ll use Paypal”.

A year later, they’re still around fighting the good fight. Or is it a good fight? Maybe Psystar is the true “PC Hunter”. After all, they show you that you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Mmmm. Cake.

In the we also talk about the bid, the of the , a $14,000 Apple I and The Osbourne and Osbourne II.

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