Week in Tech History – 8-10-09 – Switching to Day in Tech History


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For the last year and a half, the has been running a every Monday reviewing the past history of Technology. The show has been a fun one, but for the last couple months I felt it needs it’s own space. Therefore, WITH will be spinning off into the Day in Tech History – a Daily look at the in Technology.

WITH will continue on. For the first , we will continue with the same format. Afterwards, WITH will take a new , highlighting one historical event and how it plays on events today. It should be a new, powerfully informative look in the IT industry.

Information for this weeks’ WITH:

  • Smithsonian is established
  • Netscape send a letter about anticompetitive nature
  • Twitter’s “2000” ceiling
  • Fire at Building #6
  • Atari Files Lawsuit against Amiga
  • 3 day outtage
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