Week In Tech History – Nov 17th – 20th – Pentium 4 Debuts


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On November 20th. 2000, introduced their newest line, and Seventh generation of core processors. Code named “Willamette”, it became the 4 upon . The first processors were in speeds of 1.4 and 1.5 GHz and a called “NetBurst”, which was suppose to carry processors to 10 GHz, until they found an issue that made the processor plateau at 4 GHz.

The processor had it’s problems – power leakages and cooling issues. However the processor has been used in machines up until 2008 when it retired at 3.8 GHz. Add in Hyperthreading and the system could run more efficiantly.

Other notes of the week – 1.0 debuts, the first experiments of the transistor is run, the first Sunday section is printed and Calvin and Hobbes debuts on November 18th 1985.

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