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It’s all about the , right? Text is dead, audio is boring. We need stimulation. So why not You Tube? Lifecasters, part-time jockeys, and even the occasional “Dad gets hit in the jublies with (insert object here)”. Why do we and could we live without it?

Remember when the Funniest Videos show was all the rage? I remember when we got our first video camera. Big ole thing that you had to hold on your shoulder. Walked around seeing if I could get that shot that could win me 10 thousand dollars. Never did.

I actually was on ZD-TV. I created my first animation called “Mission Illogical 3”. It was a parody movie trailer mixing Mission Impossible with Star Trek IV, the search for Spock. I drew all frames, imported into CorelDraw, animated then put audio to it.

It was crude, but it was used in the show “You Made it”. I was so proud. I even made an intro for the spot. I have it on VHS somewhere. If I find it, I’ll put it up on YouTube.

YouTube continues to grow. People continue to put their lives on it. From funny videos, so more serious ones. Every now and then we get the video that doesn’t comply to the user agreement and is taken off.

A local duo had created a series called “Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager”. It is a story about Chad Vader, the store he works at, the girl he likes and the other manager who harasses him. The series got some real promotion because of YouTube.

Did you hear about the woman that wanted the divorce? Tricia Walsh Smith posts a video on YouTube when her husband throws her out of the house. It gets picked up and the end result is over 3 million views.

Two weeks later she posts another video on how she was evicted. This one was a little more vocal. At least we knew what the Tarot cards hold: Courage.

I love the WikiHow’s “How to Make Yourself Popular on YouTube.

1.       Make A Few Videos.

2.       Make Your Money Video

3.       Post this video

4.       Keep Them Entertained

5.       Market Yourself.

Forbes outlined the top 10 videos that “Made Youtube Famous”. Some of those 10 are no longer on YouTube – Copyright issues.What we do have is “Hillary 1984” using the popular 1984 Mac Super bowl ad . Another one is the Video by OK go with the treadmills called “Here it goes again”. Oh, and we can’t forget “The Evolution of Dance”.

But I think the most famous one has got to be the Star Wars Kid. The video was of a 14 year old in 2002 who used a Golf Ball retriever and yielded it like a double edged light saber. That video has been downloaded and viewed more times than any video I’ve ever done. Last estimate was 900 million in 2006, but I would guess it might hit the Billion mark soon if it hasn’t already.

YouTube has gone through its problems. Law suits over copyrighted material continue to plague the site. But how do you control the posts when anyone can do it? The only thing that can be done is find the offending material and get it off as soon as possible.

I can’t imagine a life without YouTube. Video being produced online by anyone that has a camera and a computer. New ideas and cool concepts, along with phone and other gadget support can bring more viewers daily.

Who wants to be the next Star Wars kid?

BTW – I found and uploaded the video: it’s here:

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