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Jeffrey Powers – Creator and primary poster to Geekazine.

Frank Bell –

Frank Bell

Frank Bell’s first home computer was a Tandy 386 running DOS 5.0 and Window 3.1 with two megabytes RAM.  Within a week, he had the manual out and optimizing the system.  He quickly discovered the joys of bulletin boards and began life online. When AOL opened, it was obvious where Frank was headed.

He wrote his first website in 1997. In 2005, he started experimenting with Linux.  He set up a
Slackware Linux  webserver in his house, brought his website, and started self-hosting the site from the guest bedroom. Website: Pine View Farm

Frank grew up on Virginia’s Eastern Shore and has recently moved to Virginia Beach, Va. When he can find a paying gig, he writes training courses, technical manuals, and user guides and designs WordPress blogs.


Andy Marken – Occasional poster of technology on a PR perspective

Andy McCaskey – Creator of SDRNews, a daily news podcast.

Ousmane Mariko –

Ousmane Mariko

Known as the residential nerd amongst peers, Ousmane has a profound passion for gadgets and technology spanning from cell phones to computers to awesome remote controls — pretty much, if it plugs into a wall and lights up, he knows about it. Hailing from Montreal, Canada (let the jokes begin), his love for tech started at an extremely young age, owning a Turbo Grafx 16 and Sega Genesis at the tender age of 2. Now 18 years and many gadgets later, he now lives in Maryland where he is studying to be an engineer designing electronic products. As a proud foody, his passion for gadgets is the only thing that eclipses his passion for a good meal.

When not longing for the perfect cell phone, drinking coffee at the local non-Starbucks coffee shops, or ruling over the Kingdom of Sarcasia, Ousmane enjoys running, reading, singing in the shower, playing on video games, and explaining to his peers why their gadgets suck.

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