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Turn Your Tech Blog Into a Podcast Episode

If you are a Tech Blogger that wants to expand their audience, then I have something for you. I will turn your Blog into a Podcast Episode on the Geekazine Quickcast. The show will be posted on the site, as well as the audio version and a link back to your tech blog.

Leo Laporte has stated the rules of 3 – Blogging, Podcasting and Video. If you are not comfortable with doing it, then let me take care of the audio version.

The Geekazine Quickcast is a multi-week produced Podcast. Every Monday we run down the History of Technology. On Thursdays we take one topic and expound. Special segments, interviews and a lot more are all on the Geekazine Quickcast.

This is at absolutely no cost to you and it can increase your exposure as a Technical Blogger. So if you want to see a larger audience, let the Geekazine Quickcast work for you. Here is what you do:

1.  Go to the Geekazine Contact Form

2. Enter in your information, including the location of the Blog.

3. Write this in the contact form:

“I ___________ give Geekazine full permission to turn my Blog into a Podcast.”

One last thing – we do have the right to make slight alterations to make the post sound better in audio format. Geekazine will not alter any blog on a major level though. Any profanity will be replaced and Geekazine may ask you to alter your original Blog if the content is over a PG rating before turning it into a Podcast.

Get more exposure with the Geekazine Quickcast.