Not Quite Dead Yet – Bitstrips

Something happened to me yesterday that not only took me by , it threw my whole day off. My stopped working. I closed the case to get ready to go to the and the started clicking. When I turned the off then back on, the hard drive wouldn’t initialize.

I took the drive out of the laptop and ran diagnostics on it. No problems. I ran a full CHKDSK and fixed some bad sectors. I then proceeded in full backup and mode (removing files, defragmenting, etc). When I popped the drive back in there was no issues. I went on with my life.

Not all computers are lucky like that. While I am still not sure what happened, I am lucky it wasn’t broken. The best I can figure is the hard drive might have unseated from the laptop. I am being cautious with the machine, but in the meantime, I attribute this weeks (late) to the computer surgical skills.

not Quite Dead Yet

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