Old Ideas Meet New – Bitstrips

I don’t watch too much too much TV anymore. I just have a few shows I want to keep up on. A lot of that is online anyway – I just have to wait a few hours and BAM! I am watching all my shows.

My TV is still an older 27″. No , DVD or attached. I am usually too busy to even watch a movie and I am good with that. Not that I am knocking anyone that does watch TV, I just have pretty much taken it out of my life. If I want to watch , I usually want to watch with friends, which means going down to the local tavern. We don’t need the theatre experience.

When I do watch TV, I cannot believe how many times I still have to see the DTV conversion ticker. Our area did the smart thing and switched on Feb 17th. In turn, we can get the ball rolling for the white space to build a new communications network.

Therefore, in honor of all who are fed up with , I give to you this weeks Bitstrips. Merging an old idea in a . Enjoy!

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