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It has been a long day. It all started yesterday when we began the process of moving a website to a different so I could put up the new version of said site. All seemed to happen after that.

We’ll leave the water heater out of this story, let’s just say I have taken 3 cold showers in the last 3 days. YAY!

I have found I not only hit the limit on my website, I went WAYYYY past it. I had to remove 2/3rds of the podcasts just to get under quota. I am not sure what happened – but now I am on the hunt for a to store the data. Once it finds a new home, I will make all adjustments. For now – Episodes 1-52 of the weekly and the first 24 Quickcasts / 5 min show. are down.

So in momentus , I offer this week’s to use part of an old favorite Edgar Allen Poe poem to create the scene and this week’s . Enjoy. (BTW – no Week in History for the weekend due to the podcast space problem. Sorry).

Happy !!

Quote the Geek - Nevermore

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