CISS: Circle it Simple, Silly – How I use Google Plus Circles

In this video, I show you how I organize in Google Plus. Following an old proverb that I re-adapted, Circle it Simple, Silly, I show you a good way to have public circles and private.

How to think of Circles – CISS (Circle it Simple, Silly!)



Organization is not everyone’s strong suit. Yet, to use Google Plus, you must have a little organization. Either that, or your circles will go unattended. Some even get confused on the idea of circles.

The best way to think of it is like a filing cabinet. File names like you would important documents at work.

Private Circles, General Circles

I have two types of circles – Circles to put everyone in and circles to put only a handful of people in. The first thing I did was knock down to two circles – Friends and Following (which will most likely be my biggest circle). You are in one or the other circle if you follow me.

The second tier is the specialty circles – or Private Circles. Anybody that comes from my hometown of Madison, WI (for example) is in it’s own circle. Therefore, those in my hometown can get a post from my Following circle, or the Madison Circle.

Did You Just Delete a Friend?

No one wants to delete an important contact. You could do that if you you remove a whole circle. Let’s say your working on an event and create a circle of friends for that event. You find out a good contact is going to that event, but only put them in that circle. At the end of the event, you remove that circle, hence, you remove that contact.

Hopefully you’ll get them back, but in the meantime, you might have lost . Using CISS, you can make sure this doesn’t happen. Put them in more than one circle immediately.

I am not the best organized person. I personally don’t want to deal with circles. That is why I use CISS. Keep it simple, you will be organized.

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