Day 1 – the iPhone

As you might have heard, I made the decicion to get an . I looked over all the – especially those with windows mobile on them (I still have a spot for the good old mobile). The one phone I wanted just didn’t seem to be going in the direction of the standard Smartphone. The screen was too small and the buttons separated. Little round that you need a pin to use. Not what I had in mind.

Therefore, I logged on, found out the iPhone was available right now, and made an impulse buy. Well, not really an impulse buy. Yet, this was definitely out of character.

iPhone taken with the HTC

What I like about the iPhone 3GS

The biggest improvement to me was somehow, the touch sensativity was a lot better. I could actually hit the keys on the glass and get what I was typing. There are a few mistakes here and there, but when you are used to typing using another sense (that being touch), then you find you have to relearn.

– Ease of Use

I had the device configured and downloaded all the important : Shazam, Facebook, Tweekdeck, WordPress, the Zippo app, handy leveler and . I was also able to import all my contacts and dates without issue – especially since my Outlook expected a Windows . The iPhone pretty much took over on the and went from there.

– Camera

This is a good and bad point. The good is the quality of pictures in a decent lighting situation. I would guess that dark lighting won’t be the best – especially since there is no flash. But I really didn’t buy this for the camera. Oh wait – I might’ve bought this for the video…..

This is the most impressive part of this phone. Being able to turn up the volume a little more and HEAR what was said. Whomever worked on that area – I give to. Even though there are some that say kids turn it up too loud and experience – I say that I am glad the kids didn’t ruin this option for me. I need more volume.

What I don’t like about the iPhone 3GS

The one thing that baffles me is how I can put my music on the system. It won’t let me drag and drop any of my songs on the list. While it’s not a big deal, it did get a little frustrating. I’ll get the hang of it eventually.

– Camera

I told you the camera was good and bad. The bad about it is simply the button. If I am taking a self video – maybe for seasmic or YouTube, I might miss the un-tactile switch. Then the beggining and end of the video is a blur while I move to turn it off.

– I miss my Indicator Light

On my HTC 8125, it blinked red when I had a missed call or text. This phone has no indication until I hit that little button with the square on it. Heck, I could have a missed call on it right now and wouldn’t even notice.

– I Want to Keep it ON

When I plug in my phones, I like to have the screen stay on for more than a minute. The HTC was setup for 10 before the screen would go to sleep. I want the iPhone to do the same. Maybe it’s just a setting I’m missing. I am new to this device.

HTC taken with the iPhone

What about the HTC 8125?

If you think that the HTC will be retired, then think again. I have some ideas for that phone. I just need to back up the data, in case I need to use it as a phone.  I had that phone for 4 years and it did a lot INCLUDING surfing the web. I will also miss Bubblebreaker – although there might be an iPhone App out there. Let’s hope so.

These are just first day thoughts of the phone. I may change my tune next week. Heck, I could change it tomorrow. For now, it was well worth the investment.

Oh yeah – I still need a case and a car charger for the new phone. That is the next venture.

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