Digg Labs – Watch the people surf.

I have to admit, I have sat there and watched the Diggs happen. Little graphics showing how people are surfing the Website. Either the option, the bigspy, pics or even the .

What am I talking about? Well, over on Digg.com you have Digg (http://.digg.com) . The are a great way to see who is selecting what. It also gives you an idea how popular a story is in a graphic way. The Stack, Swarm and Arc options show a graphic interface, while the bigspy just pushes text down the screen – the bigger the text, the more popular the article.

The pics can be interesting to watch. It may take a while if nobody submits a picture with the article. Not as exciting at the arc or stack, but it does have some merit.

All in all, it’s pretty cool to watch. Just don’t get mezmorized or even hypnotized by the pretty colors. And if you are – send money to me……


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