How to Configure the Mozy Backup

In the last couple months, we have been talking about online backup through It is a great way to take your pictures and audio off-site. That way if you have a fire or theft, you do not loose your data.

It’s not the fastest thing in the world – but the more data you have, the longer the initial backup will take. Also, it is dependant on your – The initial upload took 4 days for me.


Mozy Home Configuration Screen

They counter it by compressing the file before . It encodes, then uploads the file using 128 bit Encryption. The Data Centers are SAS70 and ISO certified. You can change how fast or slow the update can take by moving the during backup.

I would love to see on the program would be a “Pause” button. While I can move the slider to the lowest part, the pause button would be more for those times I don’t want to have the backup start. I can then pause, do higher tasks, then unpause. It could even unpause after 20 minutes.

Once again, don’t be discouraged about it’s possibly long upload. Once that is done, it gets a lot faster. Of course, if you have a , you might not have that problem. To have your pictures backed up, to have your audio files backed up and to have your valuable documents backed up is well worth it.

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