HP DataVault X510 Warranty Extended to 3 Years

I got some from HP today. Apparently, if you purchase a HP Data X510, you now have some great options. Here is the official Press release:

X510 Data Vault Warranty Extended to 3 years

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 20, 2010

Hewlett-Packard announced today that the HP StorageWorks X510 Data Vault, a designed to securely store, share and protect their , has extended the warranty duration. The warranty duration for the HP StorageWorks X510 Data Vault has been extended to 3 years, which includes a 3 year limited warranty on hardware and a 3 year technical support warranty on software.  This extension of the warranty includes HP Data Vaults currently in use by customer today.

Affected products

1 TB (Q2050A), 2 TB (Q2051A), 3 TB (Q2052A)

No other changes to Limited Warranty and Technical Support Statement

All other terms and conditions of the HP StorageWorks Data Vault Limited Warranty and Technical Support Statement remain unchanged and in full effect, including but not limited to those related to the determination of the commencement date of the Limited Warranty Period.

To learn more visit www.hp.com/go/datavault

The is not only a great way to back up data, but also set up media streaming to your home systems, or even the . The DataVault is basically a Windows to give you a backup of your home or .

To learn more about the DataVault X510, check out the full review we did a couple months back.

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