Memory Appliance – Violin 1010

I remember the first time I bought . I got 8 – 1 MB chips of for $40 a meg. Ah those were the days. Where’s the Pianer?

Nowadays everything is getting “Farmed” – where the item is not directly attached to a single computer. A Hard drive farm allows scaling the size of your shared folders or whatnot with a few clicks of the mouse. If and get the systems running, then processors will also be Farmed out. So it only goes to say that memory is the next thing to go.

Enter in Violin and the 1010 – an appliance that farms out memory. Using the Violin Intelligent Memory Modules (VIMMs), the based chips will send out memory to where it’s needed. You can use , Flash or both, and the machine will support up to 504 GB of RAM.

The system itself is controlled by dual power supply system. The company boasts green standards through claims that a “Fully loaded system supports more than 1GB of DRAM or 10GB of Flash per Watt”. The Appliance will also push 3 million random IOPS at 1,400 MBps.

There is not much on the company itself – Violin started around 2005 in New Jersey. If all claims are true, then this will be a great addition to high end apps running on a network. It will also help with Intel and Microsofts’ Parallel PC efforts. The appliance will not replace a servers’ base RAM, but it could control a Virtual Machines memory requirements.

The companies website:

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