Contest: AMD Radeon R7-250 Video Card

Today, I am taking a look at the AMD R7-250 . This is a sub $100 card perfect for those getting into gaming, or just want to extend their desktop computers for another year.

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MSI R7-250 video graphics card

MSI R7-250 video graphics card

The MSI R7 250 video card is a PCI-E slot card running Direct X 11.2. The card needs 65 watts of power, so you might not have to upgrade the power supply.

The card has a DVI-D, HDMI and VGA interface, but can also be set up to run with another video card. The AMD ZeroCore Power technology adjusts the power usage.

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This card also comes with afterburner so you can overclock the card by up to 85%. Fan speed control will help you keep from overheating the card. Ultimately, the memory clock runs at 1.15 GHz with memory of 1 GB (2 GB versions also available), and a 128 bit memory bus for about 73 GB/second memory bandwidth.

The card can also be controlled wirelessly via iOS or Android app. From there, you can adjust speed and over-clocking of the card.

Overall, this is a sufficient card for updating your desktop for video or gaming. In creating video, it allowed me to create the videos fine, but the render took a lot longer than the current card I had in it. If you are just editing simple videos without graphic overlays, your results will be faster.

If you are looking for a companion video card, need something to connect more than one monitor or just want to update a system, the R7 250 is a competent video card for the price point.


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