Double Review – WarmMe Mouse AND Video Streaming.

Sometimes it’s cool if you can work the 7-10 split. That is what we are doing tonight with the review of the WarmMe Mouse. It’s a that warms up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. However, I also wanted to review some of the out there. Therefore, I took the review of the WarmMe mouse and did 4 different versions. I took 1 take on each site and will be reviewing the results of:

  1. Mogulus

We will start with Stickam’s video:

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Advantages: Easy to record, easy to re-edit

Disadvantages: The video takes forever to pull up after you record. The page timed out several times before I could get to it. Also, Stickam has an interactive menu where if you move the mouse in the wrong spot, a video will load. 2 times during the review I had to stop the pop up video. Since I was doing 1 take each, you will see the stumbles when the pop up occurs.

Advantages: It’s on YouTube. It will most likely be seen the most

Disadvantages: Simple interface – no extra settings to tweak. Video did not sync up too well with the audio

Advantages: Lots of options to run the channel like a Tricaster. Can cue up angles

Disadvantages: It can get confusing on how to record. I thought I was recording the video for the WarmMe mouse and it turned out nothing saved. Since I only gave 1 take, there is no video for Mogulus.

Advantages: Easy to produce a video. Once you are done, you can shuttle over to YouTube (if under 10 minutes) or download to your computer.
Disadvantages: Lots of options and another to go High Def – but a little confusing as how to do it.

Now for the Review of the WarmMe Mouse:
Advantages: Connection is easy, mouse works really well, warms up quick
Disadvantages: On/Off button can mean you can leave the mouse on to continually heat at 104 degrees. Also, some might think 104 is too warm and would like to adjust the temp.

The Results

Even though the WarmMe mouse has a couple flaws, I still recommend the item. As for Video Streaming sites, uStream still seems to be the best to record and publish a video. YouTube is more popular, therefore it would be for those who want others to see their content. Stickam is nice, but their site lags made me concerned (not the first time I saw it happen). Mogulus is a great interface, but you might want to run a few practice videos first.

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