Free Quicken Online Service

I know. I should use Quicken. My friends use it and it’s a great program to keep financial in line. Anything that can help me with my finances would be a big help – Then again, winning the lottery would do that, too.

Intuit today announced that they have a free online service called “Quicken Online”. The idea of this site is simple: To anticipate your bills.

When you sign up, you put in all your financial information. I was able to put in my bank info and my PayPal account. It then created a transaction history between the two. I could add more accounts like a second bank account, AlertPay account and a lot more.

“Until now, online personal finance sites have been like a rear view mirror – a backwards view of money spent,” says Todd Stanley, and general manager of Quicken. “Quicken Online changes that. Like a pair of binoculars, Quicken Online makes it easier to look ahead, see all of your spending, what bills are coming, and you’ll have left over. It makes staying on top of your money easier than ever before.”

So far I’ve been working on the site and it collects data and gives you a real handle on your accounts. The only is my has a “Verification” to access my account. Every time I change something on the Quicken site, I have to re-enter one of the verification codes.

Nonetheless, if you want to get a better handle on your finances for free, then give Quicken a try.

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