Woopra – There it is.

In the last week I have been playing with this new program I saw last week on Cali Lewis’ Geekbrief.tv . I loaded up the program and tried it out.So far I’ve been somewhat impressed with it’s features.

Woopra is a web site statistical analysis program. It gives you real time information as well as a timeline of who has been to your site, what pages they were looking at and how long they were there. You can put the code on more than one site and have all the data collected in one .

The best part of the is you can place your pointer over an area of the map or the statistic and get more information. For instance, I place the mouse pointer over the US and find out how many people visited from the US, Canada, Ireland, Zambia or wherever.I can then change to the ‘Loyalty’ tab and see how many return to the site.

Another great reference is the ‘referrer’ area. I can see where people come from to see my pages, then I can focus on those areas to post. The last referrer came from brightkite. 58% of Geekazine traffic comes from Search engines.

Finally, there is a great area to set up notification. Need to find out when someone from the US goes on the site? Specific IP or any other reference. You can also set up your custom live map for the Plugin.

This program is a great addition to any web site and doesn’t affect any other statistical program. The API does need Java installed on the computer, which might be the only downfall for some. However if you can get past that, you might want to put this great program on your site and see where your traffic is and where it’s going.

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