Ruputer Turns 10

It’s a watch. It’s a Computer. No – it’s a .

RuPuter is a 16-bit 3.6 MHz watch with 128K of Ram. It has a 102×64 pixel monochrome LCD. It also contained a joystick for gaming, and 6 buttons for functionality. It could connect via serial interface or Infra Red to communicate with other devices, like another Ruputer or 95.

It really was a marvel of the time – 1998 to be exact. It contained W-PS-DOS version 1.16, and had an icon filled GUI. It also had an expansion option of another 128K.

There were some competitors to this like the Fossil Wrist PDA. It had a slightly bigger screen , connected via USB and ran Palm III software. The batteries didn’t last long, but the watch was still impressive.

Still, this is about the Ruputer – for on April 9th, 2008, the Ruputer turns 10. It was concidered the first PC-In-A-Watch, and was developed by Seiko. The debut price of the Ruputer was $285.

The Ruputer was later changed to “OnHand PC”. This wrist-PC had more power to it, and a . You can still get OnHand PC programs from dedicated users. The PDA watch works well with Windows Computers, although we’re not sure about Vista…

 Sometimes old tech can be just as cool as new tech…

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