Samsung HMX-T10: HD Video Camera That is Stylish, Ergonomic

Samsung HMX-T10

Front of Samsung -T10

There are a lot of handheld cameras out there, but few that can tout being ergonomic. The Samsung HMX-T10 is one of those cameras.

With a 20 degree slanted lens, the HMX-T10 allows you to hold the camera without cocking your wrist. Therefore, you can hold the camera up a lot longer to get the baby’s first steps, or to record your buddies band and get the whole song without having to try and switch hands.

The camera has a few other features, too. 10x Optical zoom, 5.1M CMOS sensor, and 1920 x1080 60i.

“The HMX-T10 offers not only a stylish, compact design, but also demonstrates the thoughtfulness and innovation Samsung brings to making movies” said Mr. SangJin Park, President of Samsung Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics. “The HMX-T10’s convenient features encapsulates the innovative and easy-to-use nature of our camcorder range, as well as our aim to remain at the cutting edge of innovation and design.”

Samsung HMX-T10

Back of Samsung HMX-T10

The camera has a 2.7″ touch screen LCD and can take both and video at the same time. It takes standard SD/ cards and contains the Smart OIS technology that Samsung has been developing.

Only is while it does have an , AV and , it still lacks the same items most other cameras lack – external microphone and mount for an external light. In fact, it doesn’t look like there is a light on the camera at all.

Price point is $299, which is decent. You might have difficulties if you are a left-hander, but other than that, it’s very comparable to other SD cameras.

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