HP Tech Forum 2010 Day 1 – Walk around the Hall

I got into Vegas on Sunday, where I instantly ran into Tom Augenthaler from Ivy Worldwide. After a quick dump of stuff in the hotel, I went down and met up with Kristi Popp and Taylor. We had a nice at the Border Grill, then headed over to the conference hall where we saw the booth we will be broadcasting from. We also walked through the arena where the take place. This is the hall where major concerts (like Rick Springfield last Saturday) and over events happen.

The hall this year looks amazing and I cannot wait to begin recording video at the show. We broke for a as I went upstairs and rested up.

Joined back up with Tom, and for dinner. John Obeto, Andy McCaskey, Joe Palowsky and Stephen joined up during the evening. We talked about what is going to happen and introduced each other.

I was pretty jet lagged at that point, so I headed upstairs to get some work done and rest up for Monday.

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