HPE Tech Day Live Stream: The Future of IT Infrastructure 10-11-2016

Geekazine will be streaming LIVE at the HPE Tech Day in Anaheim, CA. The topic: Future of IT Infrastructure.

All Times PST

9 AM: Building Up a Hyperconverged Stack – From Infrastructure to Management to Cloud – Said Syed

11 AM: Economics of All-Flash in the Data Center (3PAR) – Phill Gilbert

12:45 PM: Composable Data Fabric for Hyper Converged & Composable Infrastructure – Patrick Osborne,Wayland Jeong

1:45 PM: How Can My Data Center be as Efficient as a Cloud Giant – Gary Thome, Paul Durzan

3:30 PM: Where HPE is Taking Software-defined & Cloud – Ric Lewis

4:30 PM: A Snapshot Into the Future on where the Data Center is Heading – Paul Durzan

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