HP’s Patrick Harr Talks Cloud and Hybrid Delivery

Patrick Harr

Patrick Harr on Cloud and Hybrid Delivery at HP Road Show

I went to the HP Roadshow in San Francisco, where I got to listen to many talk about HP Gen8 servers. Of course, the to IT infrastructure is “Cloud” based. Unfortunately, that term is thrown around like an old shoe.

Patrick Harr – HP’s Vice President of Converged Cloud Sales – came in to explain the Cloud a little more. In his discussion (Master the Cloud – Traditional IT to convergence and from convergence to cloud), he talked about how the mindset has changed, especially in the last ten years.

“What has changed in the 1999-2000 timeframe is really multitendency . But just as important, the business mindset has changed. We’ve always been searching for how we drive more efficiency. More agility, more speed.”  “How many apps do you have on your or ? If you really think about it we’ve seen such a significant change in rapid deployment and development. So can we really wait for a server to be provisioned in six months?”

This is truly the now moment. We need that app done now. We need a server up and running now. We need storage now. More efficiency. More business.

This is the problem with leadership challenges. Can you get new innovation in the market?

Shadow IT

Businesses that are going out in the external to the environment. , – programs where  IT is really outsourced. Businesses that use the cloud are adapting 2.5x faster than IT.

There are many challenges to become an internal business provider. Set the value and contacts to deliver cloud services to internal customers.

Security of the Cloud

This is the biggest argument that Patrick heard. How do we drive this? Availability, performance are challenges for companies to become the internal service provider. And People process is important. So how do you drive the cohesive security strategy?

It’s going to come down to choice.

If you Check in, can you Check Out?

It’s more than just a lyric in the Eagles tune. Can you get your information when you get out? The Managed Cloud brings a Hybrid delivery. You build on-premises, then consume off-premises. This Managed cloud is public and private. You need to look at what makes sense for your applications.

Patrick mentions it is cheaper to make an internal cloud than use a product like Amazon. It’s all based on the business need.

More on Video

check out the continued discussion by Patrick Harr on Cloud and Hybrid delivery. Lots of great information to learn about. He continues talking about the building blocks and how Gen8 comes in to help reduce power consumption and increase performance.



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