Josh Neland, Franklin Flint on What is Dell OEM


Dell OEM Day

Dell OEM Day

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer.

In the world of OEM, sometimes you need another company to create software or hardware that will work with your computer. If you buy a new computer, for example, your graphics, sound and video card inside will be from another company. The computer company supports the OEM product as if it was their own.

Dell OEM is a Dell computer inside another companies system. Google makes an appliance for companies. The box is branded Google, but the computer was manufactured by Dell.

This is not an unusual process. You just don’t know the Kiosk you might be reading, the Red Box you might be getting your movie from, the “Self Check-out line” you are scanning your groceries at is all Dell inside. But most of the time, it is.

In this first hour video, Josh Neland and Franklin Flint come up and talk about who uses Dell OEM. They discuss where you might see the systems and how 3rd party branding brings over a billion in revenue.

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