TPN Roundtable #51: URL Shortners, EC2, Bitnami and Artisteer

This month’s Tech Roundtable talked about the web, websites and shortners. It was a great hour of information for those that want to set up new websites. Jam packed full of information on Cloud computing, template setup and linking.

Andy McCaskey started things off with Amazon EC2 – a program that with Amazon S3. He also talked about BitNami, an Stack. Great items to create quick websites.

I got on next and talked about Artisteer – a program that generates Templates for WordPress, Joomla, and ASP.NET templates. I walk viewers through all the ways you can customize your Template, then ways you can tweak the files so you can take ownership.

Finally talks about Shorty – a URL shortner program. He talks about TCO on your website and how these systems can give you all that and a short URL to boot.

The video is below:

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