Buzzwhacked: Frank’s Google Buzz

I Buzzed the other day. The little Buzz bubble was there on the Google Maps on my Android phone and I succumbed to temptation and replied to someone else’s Buzz.

I think it shall be my one and only time.

I am thoroughly underwhelmed. As I punch the little bubbles on the map, I find myself learning who’s stuck in traffic, who’s ordering pizza, who’s lonely for companionship (that buzz was really no one’s bizz, especially accompanied by a picture of the lonely person in question). And, frankly, the fact that Google Maps shows the geographical location of Buzzers (Buzzists? Buzzites?) does sort of induce a case of the willies.

Really, not worth my while to plough through all this to find something useful.

In the meantime, it appears that, in rushing to buzz, Google has gotten themselves into all kinds of hot water over privacy, which is really most-unGoogle-like.

Before I attribute bad motives to them, because they generally have a good track record, I shall assume that Google just rushed this Buzz thingee into production without thinking.

Nevertheless, I have changed my default search engine in all my browsers to Startpage.

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