Case Dismissed

has dropped its lawsuit against ’s which compares AT&T’s network unfavorably with Verizon’s. This was in response to a judge’s ruling that said, according to Bloomberg (linked above), when stripped of the legalese, that AT&T didn’t have a prayer of winning:

    AT&T filed a notice of dismissal today in in Atlanta, less than a month after U.S. District Judge Timothy Batten denied AT&T’s request to stop the ad campaign and said AT&T was unlikely to prevail in the case. Verizon Wireless dropped a related lawsuit over the matter.

    In last month’s ruling, Batten said that while the ads, which use maps to compare the companies’ so-called third- generation networks, might be “sneaky” or “clever,” they are “literally true.” A hearing for AT&T to again ask the court to prohibit the ads had been scheduled for Dec. 16.

In return, Verizon dropped its suit asking a Federal Court to declare its ad campaign to be “truthful and accurate.”

I must say that, as someone who wouldn’t sign up with Southwestern Bell–er, Cingular–er, AT&T on a bet, I take a perverse delight in this.

Of course, I wouldn’t sign up with Verizon either. I am quite happy using a whole nother carrier that has served me well for almost a decade. Well, and cheaper.

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