Cellular Antics: Nokia and Apple Lawyer Up

They have been negotiating for a couple of years over licenses based on ’s claim that has appropriated Nokia technology for the . Now it looks as if negotiations are either breaking down or being taken to a higher level. First, Nokia sued . Now is suing Nokia.

The Guardian reports:

    In October, Nokia – which makes almost four out of every 10 mobile phones sold worldwide – sued Apple in the US courts, alleging that its popular iPhone infringes 10 of its patents. The case is unlikely to come to court until the end of 2011.


    The patents which Apple alleges Nokia has infringed include one relating to the ability to plug a mobile phone into a computer with a USB cable, one that relates to teleconferencing applications, one connected with the iPhone’s energy saving features and several relating to the technical workings of mobile phone software.

I predict a sealed settlement for undisclosed sums.

In other news, it’s cold and snowy in Connecticut, where an errand has taken me this weekend. But nothing like as snowy as Wisconsin.

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