Clouds over the Cloud

Settling on my house sale has turned into an ordeal that has consumed all my psychic energy, with delay following delay on the other end (it’s not the buyer–it’s the lender). It’s tentatively scheduled to be over tomorrow, but I’m still waiting for the fat lady to sing. In the meantime, I’ve been pretty worthless from the waiting.

I noticed this item, though, in one of my favorite radio shows. Here’s the synopis:

    Written in 1986, the Stored Communications Act allows the government to obtain emails hosted on the internet more easily than they would those stored on your . Ryan Singel, blogger for, talks about how this law came to exist, and why it has advocacy groups and mail hosts like Google and Yahoo up-in-arms.

Follow the link to listen to the segment. The transcript is not up yet, but it’s scheduled to be up later today if you would rather read it.

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