“Facebook ‘Em, Dano”

I have recently–maybe three months ago–joined . A friend of mine asked me to do so because of some interests we share. I find myself enjoying it more than I expected to.

That’s why I found this article in the Guardian about the future of Facebook interesting. Apparently, the younger set in the U. K. already think that Facebook is old-fashioned. From the article:

“(Facebook’s) ubiquity among a particular class and demographic explains much of the attention it has had in the media; most of the people in the media are the right age and demographic to use it, rather than or . But go to any playground in the UK and those kids will only be talking about . They think Facebook is stuffy and boring, but it’s no bad thing for Facebook’s economics that it attracts a more lucrative userbase.”

(No, I’d never heard of Bebo till I read the article. The Bebo website is here.)

My kids, especially the boys, have always enjoyed various social networking stuff, starting with instant messaging. Me, not so much, but I’m kind of a solitary guy anyway. I still think a list server is the cat’s meow and the bees knees.

Despite the usual expectations, my younger son seemed to like the idea of my being on Facebook. Then again, we’ve been online so long that he knows to exercise a little bit of sense about what he writes and post. The first time we were online together, I was holding him on my knee and we were chatting with (an automated) Santa Clause over a 2400-baud connection to a dial-up .

In other Facebook news, the ConnectU v. Facebook lawsuit seems to be limping to a conclusion; an agreement to settle was reached last year and it looks as the two sides are close to agreeing on the amount of the settlement. Story here.

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